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Satisfied customers are the backbone of our business. Home Office/Study Ltd. enjoys a reputation for delivering high quality on schedule to budget, and it is very gratifying to know that our efforts are truly appreciated. To protect their privacy we can't publish names and addresses of valued clients on our website, but the following are typical examples.
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home office - professional photographer
"STARTING out as a freelance photographer I was totally focused on taking and developing the best possible pictures for my clients in advertising and publishing. I soon found that the more successful I became the more I needed an organised office to work on the business side. Home Office/Study Ltd suited me perfectly because my darkroom was set up at home and I was determined to work from there rather than give myself an unnecessary extra journey on top of working on location. The time saved has already paid for my home office, and I have more time to spend with my family." - CM

"My wife and I frequently invite colleagues and their wives to dinner, so it made sense to set aside a special room which combined entertainment with business. Home Office/Study Ltd created a beautiful home cinema cum presentation room. It's perfect." - Sir JSD

"I was confident of my own self-discipline, but worried about the effect on my family. My very first contact with Norman Collins enabled me to plan a workable home study environment. Thanks for making my distance learning so free from family stress!" - WK
home office - city high flyer
"I was apprehensive about having the home office installed before I got back, and it was great to find everything done exactly as I wanted. Many thanks for such a thorough job." - AE
home office - freelance writer
"People think writers are naturally well organised. Not true! I needed all the help that HOS so patiently gave me."

YOU may recall that you designed & installed a study for us about 2 years ago. We have been extremely pleased with it & it has been much used. For unanticipated work reasons we now need to relocate. We would be loathe to leave the study behind & wanted to check whether you would be willing to remove & refit the study (with appropriate tailoring, since it was designed to fit this room) - we may want additional shelving to match, subject to the size of the room it goes in. - RW
MY need was not only to rationalise my home-based agency business but also to store and catalogue my valuable collection of football and showbiz memorabilia. This entails frequent buying and selling, and as a bonus I make money by hiring out rare items to TV and film producers. What began as a simple hobby in my teens has become both time-consuming and profitable, and after many years of chaotic jumble I can congratulate myself for at last getting myself organised. This is due to the excellence of Home Office/Study Ltd but I gladly take all the credit! Many thanks! - RJ

I'm a web designer with a rapidly growing clientele, and I can't thank Norman enough for his transformation of my feeble attempts at DIY in my spare bedroom into an efficient and organised high-tech home office. -AJ


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